Why a yacht wedding is the best

If you are planning your big day and you want to do it in style have you considered a yacht wedding? It is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate a wedding. All you need to do is charter a yacht, make preparations and you are good to go. Here is why yacht weddings rock;

Incredible views

You can have your wedding while docked or sailing. The views are great in both cases although sailing will give a greater array of beautiful views as you tie the knot. There are the birds and the incredible coastline views often topped up with a cool breeze on your face.

Easy to arrange

With a yacht wedding, you can be simple and stylish about it. The need for a motorcade is quite reduced so that you have less planning to contend with. The decorations on a yacht are actually easier than say a garden wedding in many cases. Most yachts will have great chefs and different cuisine options to choose from for the reception. The other perk of a yacht wedding is that you can have guests leave after the reception and sail away for some hours, days, weeks or even months.

Amazing wedding photos

With as yacht wedding, one thing you can be sure of is that your wedding photos will stand out. With the different views angles and the beauty of the yacht, you will have different stunning photos to go with the experience.

Flexible budgetary options

Yacht weddings are not as expensive as they might sound especially if you charter the yacht for a short duration. Also, you can have a full day or overnight cruise and feel like you did a destination wedding without paying the high costs that you would have to.

It is romantic

When it comes to romantic wedding venues, yachts are up to there as they create the feel of being somewhere exotic. Being away hidden near a beach or in the open sea offers both the seclusion and the novelty that enhance the special feeling.


Today most companies offering yacht charters are well aware of the demand for yacht weddings. As a result, they have various services that they can offer you to help prepare your wedding .Some of these services include photography, catering as well as decoration. In case you would like to have a yacht wedding always book well in advance so that you can get a yacht of your choice because, in peak seasons, you may be forced to take the available options rather than what you wanted.