How to plan a memorable hen party

If the bride-to-be has put you in charge of organising her hen party, here are some things you should keep in mind when planning this event if you want to make it memorable for all the right reasons.

Cater to the bride's personality and preferences

Before choosing activities, think carefully about what the type of things the bride-to-be likes. It's entirely possible that the typical forms of hen night entertainment might not appeal to her. If for instance, she's very outdoorsy, the idea of spending an entire weekend cooped up in a spa getting massages and beauty treatments might be her personal version of hell.  In this example, it would be far better to arrange something such as a paintball session, or if she's very adventurous (and the rest of the group is willing) white-water rafting.

If she's musically-inclined and love to both dance and sing, it may be worth centring the night's activities around these specific interests. So you could, for example, organise party bus hire for the evening; this type of transport usually comes equipped with all of the essentials needed for a fun night out; things like disco lights, a great sound system and a miniature dance floor are usually standard on party buses.

You may also want to ask the bus hire company for a karaoke machine so that you can all sing along to your favourite tunes as you travel around the city. You could then arrange for the bus to stop off at various music-and-dance venues around the city, such as a cabaret club and a roller disco.

Be considerate of people's budgets

If you have unlimited funds available, planning a spectacular hen party is quite easy. However, in most cases, there will be at least a few people invited whose budgets simply won't stretch to cover the cost of overly-extravagant activities. It's crucial to be aware of this fact when planning the hen night; failing to be considerate of those with smaller incomes could lead to them feeling pressured into participating in things they can't afford. It could also cause arguments which may end up tainting the entire experience for everyone involved, including the bride-to-be.

Remember, opting for a more budget-friendly hen weekend needn't mean you have to have a less enjoyable time. It just requires a  little bit more creativity and elbow grease on your part. For example, rather than spending a small fortune on rooms in an upscale hotel and over-priced drinks and food at a nearby bar, you could arrange for the group to stay in self-catering accommodation and plan a weekend of pampering sessions, homemade afternoon tea and cocktails.

For pampering, you would need to bring along products for pedicures and manicures, as well as perhaps some face and hair masks. To prepare an afternoon tea, you would need to get several flavours of tea, along with prosecco and perhaps some flowers from the supermarket, and then whip up some inexpensive finger sandwiches and cupcakes on the day. If the weather forecast for the weekend looks good, you could take your food and drink, along with some blankets and cushions, to a park or beach near your accommodation and enjoy an outdoor afternoon tea experience.

For cocktails, you would need to pack the ingredients for about four or five cocktail recipes, along with things like shakers, drinking glasses, as well as some decorative straws and umbrellas.  Even with the costs of these items taken into account, this would still make for a very affordable hen weekend.